President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed on February 28 the Resolution ‘On Preparing and Celebrating People’s Holiday of Navruz in 2017.’

The resolution set up an organising committee to arrange Navruz celebrations across the republic.

The document stresses the importance of:

  • organising events that help people appreciate the connection with nature;
  • covering Navruz celebrations and underpinning customs in the media;
  • running Navruz-themed charities to help the elderly and those in need;
  • organising hashars, national landscaping works;
  • involving ensembles and individual artists in the celebrations; and
  • including national games and artistic forms into cultural programmes.

Navruz, a holiday celebrating traditional values and customs, has become a national event anticipated by all Uzbek people.

Preparing and celebrating Navruz has become a deep-rooted tradition.